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Imperial Crowns Photographs - Performances, Other
(w/Jimmie Wood)

Imperial Crowns @ Smokin' Johnnies in Studio City (02/97)

The following pictures are from the Imperial Crowns recent show at Smokin' Johnnies. Jimmie Wood and J.J. Holiday had just returned from Mardi Gras where they played (as usual) with the L.A. House of Blues 'house band' (For mailing list or more info you can call the Imperial Crowns Hotline: 213-874-3990).

Please enjoy the pictures outlined below:

Jimmie Wood and J.J. Holiday vocals and guitar
Jimmie and J.J.
Jimmie and J.J. with Jimmie on harmonica
Jimmie on harmonica
Jimmie Wood on guitar
Jimmie on vocals and guitar
The Imperial Crowns percussion and bass
Jimmie vocals and guitar
Jimmie Wood on guitar

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