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Michael Ruff w/Bonnie Raitt Sittin' In

Live @ La Vee Lee (6/97)

The following pictures are from another one of Michael Ruff's fabulous shows at the club/restaurant La Vee Lee in Studio City, CA. On this summer solstice evening with a full moon, Bonnie Raitt sat in with Michael and his band. Bonnie looked and sounded great, on both vocals and guitar; Michael was superb, as always, as were the rest of the folks in the band.

It was an honor and privilege to see and hear so much musical talent in a setting as intimate as La Vee Lee.

Please enjoy the pictures outlined below:

Michael Ruff directing the band, Bonnie Raitt on guitar
Bonnie and Leslie Smith(?) on vocals
Bonnie on vocals with Michael on vocals and keyboard
Bonnie and Leslie on vocals - having a great time!
Michael Leslie, Bonnie and Marco Mendoza
Bonnie on Guitar with Marco on 6 string bass
Bonnie on vocals with Marty Walsh(?) on guitar, Leslie and Marco on background vocals

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